Who Shows Up at a Deposition?

You were just notified that you’re going to be deposed. The attorney gives you a brief sketch of what happens at a deposition, but you’re still not entirely sure. Is it in a courtroom? What happens? Is there a judge? Will there be shouting? In order of questions: no, it’s not in a courtroom; read …

What Happens in a Deposition?

A deposition sounds like a medical procedure, but it’s potentially more painful, and it’s most likely not covered by insurance. Attorneys use depositions for many reasons, most often the reason is to get testimony from deponent – the person being deposed – that can be used during pre-trial litigation. This deposition testimony might be later …

How to Write a Quick Legal Brief in 9 Steps

You’ve had another 80-hour week, and you still have to IRAC another opposition motion that’s due in a few hours. You know you could request another continuance, but your client is yelling at you, your boss is yelling at you, and you know that the opposing counsel will not agree to a continuance, so you’d have to ask the Judge. You look at the clock and see that you’ve already missed dinner and your spouse will be annoyed – again.

It’s the life of a trial lawyer. So, here’s a quick an easy way for you to turn your overworked self into an efficiency machine for legal brief writing without skimping on any of the Analysis.